Creepiest Little Girls in Cinema

If teenage girls are the scariest bio-weapon ever, then little girls are the creepiest living beings ever walk the planet. True they can be as sweet and docile as angels. But nobody can argue that little girls are the most manipulative kinds of Homo sapiens. So I decide to pay an homage to creepiest little girls that have ever graced the silver screen with their strong presence and abilities to carry the story. Enjoy!
12. Baby Dawn from Trainspotting. Before you’re shouting “what the…?!”, remember that Baby Dawn is the much-too-cute silent witness in all of the shenanigans committed by the so-called grown ups of Trainspotting. With her apple cheeks she subtly marks her spot in the minds of her mother and uncles, including a vision of her crawling on the ceiling and rotating her head 360 degree. Perhaps it is the best for her to leave the world early before facing the stained period of growing up in a messy surrounding.

11. Aurora from Cronos. Aurora silently watches her beloved grandfather deteriorating into an unrecognizable immortal blood-thirsty monster. Her presence alone shows that there is something definitely wrong in the family. She never speaks and at almost the very end of the film only utters a single world with croaky voice “Abuelo…”

10. Miette from The City of Lost Children. Miette is one tough cookie who is destined to be a freedom fighter for sure. When children go missing taken by decrepit mad scientist named Krank, Miette, the leader of street urchins decide to take matters into her own hand. She provides not just moral support to Ron Perlman’s character, but is actually the one who gets down and dirty taking down the creepy Krank once and for all. She might not sound creepy enough, but believe me, when you see her you know something’s wrong up in her head.

9. Jeliza Rose from Tideland. Coming from a wrecked household makes Jeliza Rose succumbs to her imagination. She doesn’t have anybody to tell her what’s right and what’s wrong. Throughout the film we can see that she’s a little girl that slowly but surely develops signs of schizophrenia; for example having interesting conversations with her decapitated Barbie dolls. Which is awesome! She also has a serious infatuation with morbidity and is definitely going to grow up as bipolar.

8. Carol Anne from Poltergeist. Blonde and blue-eyed and attracts ghosts. Fantastic. Remember when your parents told you that TV was bad for you? Well, believe them. Carol Anne is a victim of bad TV programme, only this programme has evil spirits coming out through the screen. But you might breathe a sigh of relief knowing that in the end she is saved from the menacing poltergeist. Or is she?

7. Regan from The Exorcist. If her first screen appearance doesn’t make you scream or hide or completely stunned, then you’re daft.

6. Esther from Orphan. Well, Esther technically is not a little girl. She is a woman who has a rare disease that causes her to age slowly. Aside from being a psycho Esther craves attention and love and is willing to do anything for it. Including killing a nun, almost fatally injures a little girl, almost fatally burns a little boy and then has him committed to hospital in a coma, almost killing an even younger girl, killing her “Dad”, almost killing her “Mom”, etc. If you can, rent the DVD and watch the alternate ending when Esther proves whose the it girl after all.

5. Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. Behold the original goth girl. Respeeeect… Yes, The Addams Family might be a comedy. But no one can deny the chilling presence of the clan’s psychotic prodigy. Be it execution with electric chair, guillotine, bombs, sabre, whatever, Wednesday will get the job done for you.

4. Eli from Let the Right One In. Technically, Eli is not a girl; he is a little boy castrated by a cruel vampire. But in the film, Eli is played by an actress, so I decided to put Eli in this category. Eli is quiet, thoughtful, somehow wise, and downright creepy. She has a seemingly innocent infatuation with a little boy named Oskar. Only when you realise that she’s a 300 years old vampire that infatuation doesn’t seem innocent at all. Eli manipulates the boy she likes to get attached to her all of his life until she considers him to be too old, too slow, and too troublesome to keep. But with that husky voice even prepubescent lonely boys like Oskar will definitely get down on their knees.

3. The Grady Girls from The Shining. They only appear for a few seconds and they don’t even talk. Yet they are the ultimate warning that something macabre is happening. Plus their Alice in Wonderland-inspired dresses reminds us that even Alice in Wonderland is not actually meant for kids.
2. Rhoda Penmark from Bad Seed. Move away, Cholas! The original bad girl is here. She kills, manipulates, and eats your heart out. She is the meanest pig-tailed platinum blonde out there.

1. Claudia from Interview With the Vampire. I hate her! Which means Kirsten Dunst did a great job portraying the youngest yet most vicious vampire ever. Claudia is turned into a vampire when she’s about 10 or 11 years old. Because of that even after few centuries her body never grows up, trapped forever in a physique of a child. This makes Claudia the most angsty vampire with attitude ever. She vehemently flirts with both of her “fathers”, Lestat and Louis, and slits Lestat’s throat when she thinks he meddles with her life too much. She’s all around little snotty ageless bitch who sinks her teeth whenever she feels like. She has the most horrible demise that perhaps is one of the most heartbreaking death scenes ever.

And our honourable mention, the ultimate bad boy for life… Damien Thorn from The Omen.

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