my top 10 favourites in China

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I’ve already came back from China, the flight home wasn’t that good since we had an hour delay. When I was on the plane I kept thinking about my favorite things in China. I know I’ve only been there for 4 months, and i haven’t visited the entire provinces of China. In fact, I’ve only visited Hangzhou and Shanghai. But hey, I guess it’s okay to write down my favorite things. So here is the list of my faves from my short stay and not very well-traveled time in China:
10. Zhejiang Lin Xueyuan de Dong Hu a.k.a Zhejiang Forestry University’s East Lake. When I was in China I studied Mandarin at Zhejiang Forestry University in a small town called Lin’an. It was a sleepy newly-built town with towering apartments being constructed everywhere you could lay your eyes upon. There weren’t many things to do there. No cinemas, no proper clubs (there’s one called 7 Club, but it opened from 7 pm to 12 pm), no night life (the town went to bed at 9pm). Luckily it had pretty nice places to eat besides the two KFCs. But my favorite spot in Lin’an was the lake in my campus, a man-made lagoon to be exact. It was a nice place to spend a relaxing afternoon watching the sunset while sitting on one of the benches, the grass, or just simply taking a stroll. You could see a flock of geese walking around. The students there told me that these geese were “created” on the campus. I didn’t quite get the meaning of the word “created”, was it meant these avian bunch were bred on the campus, or truly created on the campus’ lab. Maybe they WERE mutated geese. Anyway, the lake was really cool on mid-spring because the magnolias and plum blossoms were blooming and the air smelled really nice because of them. It was truly a place to get inspiration or just for afternoon nap, as long as those aforementioned geese didn’t attack me.
9. The Bund, Shanghai. I’m a sucker for Chinese films that set in Shanghai circa 1920s to 1940s. Walking around The Bund looking on the old British concessions buildings really made me feel reliving the scenes from the films. I always imagined that as Gong Li, I’m gliding on the street in a fine silk qi pao dress (no excess fat). Well, that won’t happen.

8. Hooters, Hangzhou. Okay guys, don’t imagine this is like Hooters in United States. The waitresses’ dance sucked. It looked like a junior high talent show. But the plus sides were the food was nice and the service was good. This was my favorite place to dine in Hangzhou if I had extra amount of cash.
7. Walking around Xi Hu (west lake) on the afternoon to evening, Hangzhou. I love walking around Hangzhou’s west lake. That place was just awesome, especially when I was chewing cotton candy and stared into the sunset. There was an interesting legend about a golden water buffalo that lived in the middle of the lake, probably it already evolved into a golden hippo due to hundreds of years of adaptation.
6. Walking around Nanshan Lu, Hangzhou. I’m from Jakarta, there aren’t many trees there, so I love trees and this street is just covered by shades from hundreds of trees. I hate driving, I’m suck at it, so I love walking. When I’m tired walking along this road, I just got my butt into one of the cafes alongside the road and got myself a nice glass of ice coffee.

5. China Academy of Art. I love art but could never got into an art school, so I just sneaked into this really cool art school and pretended to be one of the students. This didn’t work at all since everybody noticed that I was a foreigner, therefore a tourist who was trying to get in touch with her artistic side, which was taking tons of pictures of their school building and their artworks. They have a really cool statue of an old man painting on the patio, and it looked really beautiful when it was bathe with sunset light. Very dramatic.
4. Xintiandi Square, Shanghai. This place had lots of bars and cafes. Chilling out in here was a cool experience since I could see many people from different countries. I loved the buildings made from grey stones. it really added to the feeling of modern but stylishly classic at the same time.

3. Hefang Jie and Coco Club, Hangzhou. Hefang Jie was my mecca for retail therapy. I could never got bored of that place. One of the places I loved to go was this boutique called Dynasty Tang. It had overpriced really nice own-designed qi paos. Since I never had enough amount of cash to buy one of those, I just kept trying them on the changing room. When I got out of the changing room the shopkeepers just stared at me thinking “this girl kept coming back to this store but never actually bought anything”. I finally bought a dress though, from the “sale” rack. Coco was definetely the place I loved to spend time clubbing. Cool crowd and nice music and lots of cute guys to see. All a girl could ever asked for.
2. Iman’s flat, Hangzhou. Iman is my friend and there wasn’t anything more fun than sipping a glass of cold orange juice, sat on his comfy couch and watched DVDs. That’s the place I really miss the most.
1. My number one favorite is not a place, but things. They’re sugar-coated strawberry candies! For me they are the greatest things ever invented by the Chinese. Not papers, not gun powder, but sugar-coated strawberry candies. Actually they have sugar-coated tutti fruti, apples, plums and pinapples. but the strawberries are the best. Crunchy and caramellish on the outside. Soft, sweet and sour on the inside. these things made me craved for more. Honestly, they should make strawberry candy as the symbol of China.

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