Pinocchio Vampire Slayer

4.5 out of 5

Pinocchio in sarcastic goth style? Awesome! For those who love the classic Carlo Collodi’s tale, you’ll either love it or hate it. I love it. Pinocchio is not for children originally, come on, you all realise how creepy the story is. This adaptation actually is much lighter and less creepy than the original, but sure packs lots of sarcasm.
The prologue is quite short, few pages only and basically recaps the Pinocchio we all know, but with slight twist and profanities included. Then comes the main dish where Pinocchio is an angsty vampire slayer, assisted by Cherry Antonio The Carpenter, Decrepit Blue Fairy, and the ghost of Jimini Cricket. I totally believe the author must be high when he wrote the story. How do the vampires stumble into Pinocchio story? Well, that’s the part you have to find out yourself.

About landakungu (Dane Anwar)

Landakungu is the blog of Dane Anwar, a native Jakartan. She loves to travel, read comics, novels, and watch films. After spending 5 years living in Taiwan and 4 months in China, she is finally back in Indonesia, which is going to be her new base for more travels and other interestng things.
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