Fushimi-Inari Shrine (伏見稲荷大社), 24 July 2010

If any of you have watched “Memoirs of The Geisha” and remember the scene when Chiyo was running in a tunnel of torii gates, you can relive it at Fushimi-Inari Taisha. It is still located in Kyoto area and opens 24 hours, plus it is free of charge!
Inari is the Shinto God of Rice and also the patron of merchants. As usual the shrine has its signature Shinto-orange colour, brighter than Dutch-orange. People come to this shrine to ask for wealth. Companies donated and continue to donate torii gates that make 4kilometres long torii gates tunnel all the way up and around the Fushimi Mountain.
Since the fox (kitsune) is regarded as the messenger of Inari, there are many fox statues around the shrine and along the tunnel. Most of the fox statues hold keys on their mouths, the keys are supposed to be keys to the rice storage. It usually takes around 1 and a half of 2 hours to go all the way up and down again, but it depends on your speed and how many times you stop for rest. Visitors start to flood during the afternoon, because it is the time when the shrine is the loveliest and all the lanterns are lit. But you cannot really see the bright colour of the torii gates.
It is truly a must see when you come to Kyoto. Oh, and by the way the vegetarian sushi, inari-sushi, actually comes from the name Inari, that’s why it’s brown like a fox.


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