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Nijo Castle (二条城) & Kiyomizudera (清水寺)

Nijo Castle was the resident of Japanese Shogun when he visited Kyoto. It was built by Ieyasu Tokugawa in early 17th century. It is consisted of 2 parts: Ninomaru Palace where the shogun received his guests and famous for its nightingale … Continue reading

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Life of Pi

5 out of 5 Do you know that 2/3 of the film was shot in Taiwan? The first scene with the animals was shot in Taipei Zoo, near the place I used to live, and the scenes about Pi’s childhood … Continue reading

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Mt. Yuanzui (鳶嘴山)

It’s City Slicker in the wild again, people! This is the urban couch potato’s attempt to reconnect with nature by doing “very difficult” hiking. Mount Yuanzui (Bird’s Beak) is located in Central Taiwan, about 1 hour drive from Taichung City. … Continue reading

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rainy days in West Sumatra

Flashback of rainy days when I went back to West Sumatra. all those thorny goodies you can see the drizzles on the water surface Anai Valley after the rain simians of Bukittinggi foggy Sianok Canyon Minangkabau Village’s library there’s a … Continue reading

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Get muddy in Gaomei

windmills of Gaomei Gaomei is located in Central Taiwan, a mere 1 hour motorbike ride from Taichung City. It’s a windy little town that is home to several giant windmills and a vast marshland. It’s funny to see a huge … Continue reading

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4.5 of 5 This past 2 years all eyes were on London. The royal wedding, the riot, the olympic, so it is no surprise that London also becomes the heart for the latest James Bond film. I’d like to remind … Continue reading

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Killer Joe

4 out of 5 Are you tired of Mathew McConaughey flaunting his torso in silly rom-coms? If yes, raise your hand. McConaughey has  done quite an impressive portfolio. But people do not remember him because of Contact, Amistadt, A Time … Continue reading

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