Get muddy in Gaomei

windmills of Gaomei
Gaomei is located in Central Taiwan, a mere 1 hour motorbike ride from Taichung City. It’s a windy little town that is home to several giant windmills and a vast marshland. It’s funny to see a huge plot of swamp sitting in the middle of a small town with local tourists flocking the spot. But it is also a fun and easy retreat for those who just want to escape for 1 or 2 hours.
bird’s eye view
the green pavement
Gaomei perhaps is one of the best spots to see sunset in Taiwan, without the need to go into the wild. You can sit in one of the gazeboes munching roasted corn and stare into the orange sky, or like some other visitors, pack an entire pan of curry and rice then stare into the afternoon sky.
staring at the sun
blue sky
The wetland of Gaomei is famous for its soft-shelled tiny crabs. You can walk on the mud, but you can’t have a mud-throwing party because it’s harmful for the crabs. We don’t want to harm those tiny creatures, do we? The mud is quite solid to step on, but soft and supple as you dip your toes into. It gives a nice cooling sensation as you step, plus it’s also good for your skin.
follow my footsteps
seemingly endless mudland
windmills & wetland
sometimes you’re lucky to find a stump you can sit on
It’s best to visit Gaomei during weekdays. Weekends are usually full with tourists; screaming toddlers, clingy couples, people running around. But even on weekdays the hawkers are still around, just enough for you to get some roasted corns. After that, it’s just an hour drive back to the city for nightly entertainment.
temples at the distant, hard to believe we are that close from town
sunset comes

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