Hehuan Mountain (合歡山)


It’s winter in Taiwan and surprisingly Taichung City has a mild one, compares to years before. So we go driving for two and a half hour up east to Hehuan Mountain. Hehuan Mountain stands for 3,947 metres high and is located between Nantou County and Hualien County. It is famous for its snow during winter time. But on a sunny winter day like this, snow is nowhere to be found. Nevertheless the view is still beautiful. On the way up to the mountain we pass a farm called Qingjing Evergreen Farm where they have flocks of sheep and every Sunday they would have a sheep show. I have no idea what is that, but it sounds like something out of the film “Babe The Gallant Pig”. Nearby the farm is a rest area where the locals claim to have the highest Mos Burger, Starbucks and 7-Eleven in Taiwan. Taiwanese claimed that the Qijing area looks similar to the Swiss Alps, therefore there are many bed and breakfast built using European log cabins architecture. So it is not surprising to see names like The Old England Inn or The Alps spread all over the area.


DSC03179DSC03188DSC03192DSC03194Qijing Evergreen Farm

After the farm is a long winding road all the way to the top of the mountain. For me honestly this is an amazing experience driving 2700 metres up. Mountains back in Indonesia do not have proper roads, so you have to rely on your good old legs to climb up. But this road is actually leading to Hualien. Some people prefer the comfort of seaside train that goes along the northwest coast when they travel from Taichung to Hualien or vice versa; but for those who prefer the scenic road, this mountain road is the option as it offers beautiful vista of Central Taiwan.

DSC03200DSC03201DSC03212DSC03219DSC03221DSC03226DSC03227Taroko National Park Sign, we are officially in Hualien County aka East Taiwan
DSC03238DSC03239DSC03241Hehuan Mountain
DSC03249DSC03250DSC03251DSC03260DSC03268DSC03270DSC03269DSC03283DSC03286DSC03288DSC03290DSC03292DSC03294DSC03296DSC03312We’ve reached Wuling, the tallest peak in Hehuan
DSC03316DSC03319DSC03325DSC03326DSC03327DSC03330DSC03331trail of clouds



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