Stuck in the middle of the field

I had a pleasure of having a friend visited me here in Taiwan. Tya stayed with me for 3 days and 2 nights, which of course we had some crazy adventures. By ‘crazy’ I mean getting lost for most of the time, since we both have tendencies to take a train, got out somewhere, and started to explore God-knows-what area.
Last week was the same; we took a train to a small county called Tianzhong (田中), the name ‘tianzhong’ literally means ‘in the middle of a field’ in Chinese. Our goal was to hike on Tianzhong Forest park, but getting to the park itself was quite something. Tianzhong is a sleepy town, interestingly with many luxury cars parked around
Tianzhong in so many ways reminded me with small towns Indonesia, with less people, of course. In a glance, Tianzhong was not that attractive; decaying old buildings fading away at the background, hideous-made in 1980s buildings lining the street with their uniformly shabby tiles, old people lazying on benches under afternoon sun.
DSC03401DSC03402DSC03403But somehow there was a charm lying underneath that bad side of 80s fashion. Some corners were more colourful than others, and surprisingly as we trekked the road going to the forest park, the area was getting much nicer. DSC03404DSC03405DSC03406DSC03407DSC03408DSC03409DSC03410DSC03411DSC03412DSC03413DSC03414
The forest park was actually really close from downtown and provided a nice escape from the regular hustle and bustle. We regretted that we underestimated the trekking path; as easy at it may look, it was quite challenging to climb all of those seemingly neverending stairs. The sun started to set and the wind blew harder, the sleepy town finally rested its eyes.



About landakungu (Dane Anwar)

Landakungu is the blog of Dane Anwar, a native Jakartan. She loves to travel, read comics, novels, and watch films. After spending 5 years living in Taiwan and 4 months in China, she is finally back in Indonesia, which is going to be her new base for more travels and other interestng things.
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