Gentlemen Broncos

4 out of 5

gentlemenbroncosYou will either hate or love this film. In my case, I love it very much. Gentlemen Broncos is written and directed by Jared and Jerusha Hess, the people who brought us Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre.
It tells the story of Benjamin, a home-schooled boy who is a sci-fi freak. Ever since he was small, Benjamin loves to write sci-fi novellas. His favourite creation is Yeast Lord: The Bronco Years, a tale of sci-fi adventure based on his deceased father. Unfortunately when he submits his writing for a competition, a jealous famous sci-fi writer steals his idea and publishes it as his own story.
The story is ridiculously funny, but at the same time it’s so absurd that this might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Sam Rockwell plays Bronco, Benjamin’s fantasy hero, in the most hilarious way since there are 2 interpretations of the character. Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords fame plays Dr. Ronald Chevalier, the prime antagonist, who steals Benjamin’s idea. There are also Tabitha and Lonnie the despicable duo whom you’ll find a soft spot for them in your heart. This film is not shy for being quirky and is proud of itself.

About landakungu (Dane Anwar)

Landakungu is the blog of Dane Anwar, a native Jakartan. She loves to travel, read comics, novels, and watch films. After spending 5 years living in Taiwan and 4 months in China, she is finally back in Indonesia, which is going to be her new base for more travels and other interestng things.
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