I have made an entry about Dragon Boat Festival in Lugang, but Lugang does not depend only in the Dragon Boat festival. As I mentioned before, Lùgâng is an old port located in Changhua county. You can reach it by taking Taichung-Lugang buses that are available in Taichung train station and the trip itself lasts for 1 hour.
So what to see in Lugang? Old buildings… and plenty of them, from rustic to pristine. Yes, Lugang is a tourist trap, but a very well maintained one. Once you get to the main street, it is lined by shops and restaurants, but Lugang’s main attractions are located inside the alleys. There are shops that sell from traditional cookies, organic soaps, traditional toys, even leather sandals. There are also plenty of houses that are still function as the local residents’ homes, which you can admire from outside. ???????????????????????????????Being a port city makes Lugang can be quite scorchy during summer, so thank God the houses are located inside the alleyways where they can provide shadow. There is no specific sight that I would consider a must see, since the town is quite small. You will be able to enjoy it wholly, all you need to do is take a relaxing stroll along the streets. There are many secret alleys you can enter, and inside you’ll find nicely-preserved Fujian style brick houses. Some of the houses are even big enough to have their own courtyard which are nicely line with red west indian jasmine flowers (asoka or ixora). What nice about Lugang is that although it is a tourist place, the price is pretty much regular. You won’t have to shed a guilty tear for spending your money buying souvenirs there.
What to buy in Lugang? Anything you want basically. There are shops that sell traditional Taiwanese clothing, but not qipao or cheongshan. What i would really recommend is to buy traditional cookies that are made of brown sugar and mung beans, perfect for vegan or anyone who’s lactose intolerant. So in a nutshell Lugang provides a nice option for historic tourism. You can enjoy sights of classical Taiwanese period, but at the same time it also offers you the convenience and kitsch of modern world.
???????????????????????????????a tiny tourist admiring the lovely details on the wall
???????????????????????????????common situation in Lugang alleys during summer: flocked with visitors
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????a young local takes a shade on the town square
???????????????????????????????sometimes you’ll bump into tourists who maybe a bit ‘spiritual’
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????a very nice traditional teashop, which I forgot the name
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????candied plum sellers



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