X-Men: Days of Future Past

3,5 out of 5


Days of Future Past is an ambitious project, which I give kudos for the delivery way. Hardcore comic fans know, films are alternate universe. The story is based from 1980’s Uncanny X-men: Days of Future Past arc in the comic series and the same title episode from 1990’s über-awesome X-Men animated series (with the kick ass opening theme song, if you remember). If the comic uses Kitty Pride as the time traveller, the animation uses Bishop, here in the film, it is Logan who gets the honour. According to an interview with the director, Bryan Singer, sometime last year, Kitty’s phasing ability is the key to time travelling. Hence, Kitty pulling neat tricks to send Logan’s mind to his younger body in 1973.
As I mentioned before, this is an ambitious project. Not just because of the superstars cast and special effects, mainly because of the story. This is perhaps the most difficult arc in X-Men storyline ever, in the comic, animation, especially the film. It takes lots of effort to put some sense and emotions to make it look good on screen. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the final products. Actually, I was expecting worse. X-Men: The Last Stand was decent, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a let down and pardon me for being emotional, but I’m still spitting acid over it. Emma Frost would put her diamond nails in good use by clawing the eyes and faces of the scripwriters’ for making her a yokel and… God forbid, Silver Fox’s sister!
In Days of Future Past, the Sentinels really strike terror the firt time you lie your eyes upon them. The mutant’s nightmares have evolve in a way no one imagined before. They really are the menacing terror throughout the whole film. I love Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask. He delivers a charismatic performance as the scientist who created the ungodly machines. But the film does center around Wolvie, in which I have to say, just okay.
Wolvie, for the first time ever, plays the good and patient teacher. And surprise to us all… the voice of reason. He tries to get Charles and Erik come together to prevent tragic future from happening.  Charles has been bonker for the past 10 years, behaving like a spoiled little heir, blaming everybody for the tragedy that befell on him with Beast acting as his nanny and major domo. I find it interesting to see Charles not in the states as everybody knows him usually, it gives a new perpective to how his personality develops throughout the year. Young Charles Xavier is selfish in all of his vulnerability.
When he reunites with Erik, there are trust and bitterness between them. After all, they are the world’s number one frenemies. Erik, ever the wild child, still believes in his aggressive approach on handling humans-mutants issues. Raven on the other hand, tries so hard to live up with her new identity as Mystique while jihading for her fallen comrades. The triangle between these three people creates 90 percent of the drama in the film. I wish there’s more interaction between Raven and Beast as they shared a past together, but I guess It’ll turn the film into a soap opera.
The other mutants: Storm, Kitty, Iceman, Sunspot, Blink, Warpath, Colossus, and Bishop only have few scenes. But their powers and abilities are well-exposed within that short amount of time. It is good to see Professor X and Magneto working side by side as friends, which reminds us to First Class, where they were fun-loving people ready for adventures. But, the live of the film is Peter aka Pietro aka Quicksilver who truly gives the entertainment and joy. The characters in the films do not go according to the original comic storyline. For example, Angel Salvadore, originally from the present, is a character living in the 1960’s and one of Charles’ first recruit. Alex Summers, younger brother of Scott Summers aka Cyclops, becomes Scott’s dad. Can’t complain, films are alternate universe.
But there’s a cheeky moment when Pietro reveals who he actually is when he says, “My Mom knew a guy who could control metal.” And the expression on Erik’s face is priceless.
Stan Lee, where are you in here?



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