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Tianmu Shan ( 天目山)

the wooden steps leading into the mountains There was something so mystifying about Tianmu Shan, or Tianmu Mountain. Literally it means Heaven’s Eyes Mountain, or perhaps The Eyes to Heaven Mountain. Apart from the fact that I went there in … Continue reading

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Shanghai in a blimp

Shanghai really was something, it was ancient, classic, and modern at the same time. A city that offers you the exotica of Gong Li’s films; of red lipstick, and wavy coiffure. At the same time also rapid consumerism. I did … Continue reading

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When the sun goes down

Penghu Island, Taiwan Yogyakarta, Indonesia red fence against orange sky, somewhere in Yogyakarta, Indonesia silhouette & clouds, Yogyakarta, Indonesia my secret hiding place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia solitude in Yogyakarta, Indonesia metropolitan dusk, Taipei, Taiwan bleak winter dusk, Hangzhou, China golden … Continue reading

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People of China

I spent 4 months living in China. It was not enough to fully understand the culture, but it had left a deep impression in me. Here are some photos of the interesting people that I saw and I was able to … Continue reading

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Beyond Hefang Jie

Hefang Jie or Hefang Street is a popular tourist destination in the city of Hangzhou, China. The entire street is filled with shops selling varieties of traditional Chinese crafts, jewellery, herbs, and expensive tea shops. It is a fun place … Continue reading

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my top 10 favourites in China

*another old entry* I’ve already came back from China, the flight home wasn’t that good since we had an hour delay. When I was on the plane I kept thinking about my favorite things in China. I know I’ve only … Continue reading

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