meows of mellons mountain

It was a hot and humid Sunday, especially when you were in a market in East Jakarta. But somehow I managed to forget the sweltering heat for a while thanks to these bunch of kittens. They were just sitting there, on top of mellons. A molly and her three kitties. The little ones were busy climbing and hiding between the mellons, or chewing straws.

As I continued walking, I saw movements from a stall across the pile of mellons where the cats were. Lo and behold! It was another kitten, lost from its siblings. It managed to cross the small alley and climbed the mellons to be with its mum. After that, it happily nursed on its mum while the three others were either asleep or making themselves unseen.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa coalition of cats

IMG-20140518-00223this one looked like my dad



About landakungu (Dane Anwar)

Landakungu is the blog of Dane Anwar, a native Jakartan. She loves to travel, read comics, novels, and watch films. After spending 5 years living in Taiwan and 4 months in China, she is finally back in Indonesia, which is going to be her new base for more travels and other interestng things.
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